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Deck VQ: super-slim insulation which maximises thermal performance in limited space applications.



Deck-VQ® is Gradient’s pioneering response to customer demand for super-slim, ultra-high thermal performance insulation that maximises comfort and protection in limited space. Suitable for a wide range of flat-roof and terrace applications where insulation build-up thickness is an issue, Deck-VQ® has a thermal performance of the core of lambda 0.006 - the best performance in the market. It ensures the most complex new-build and refurbishment projects can be completed without costly, time-structural changes.
When space is at a premium, Deck-VQ® is the insulation solution that succeeds where traditional products fail. For more information on how Deck-VQ® can make a success of your building project, download our product brochure and flat roof specification guide here.




Deck-VQ Brochure

Deck-VQ Brochure

DOWNLOAD Deck-VQ Brochure

Deck-VQ Tech Datasheet

Deck-VQ Technical Datasheet

DOWNLOAD Deck-VQ Tech Datasheet

Flat Roof Specification Guide

Flat roof specification guide

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U-Values Concrete Deck

Deck-VQ guide U-values Concrete Deck

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U-Values Metal Deck

Deck-VQ guide U-values Metal Deck

DOWNLOAD U-Values Metal Deck

U-values Timber Deck

Deck-VQ guide U-values Timber Deck

DOWNLOAD U-values Timber Deck