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Single-ply membranes

Thermal insulation for use with single-ply membrane waterproofing systems.


We manufacture PIR thermal insulation boards suitable for mechanically-fixed, ballasted and adhered single-ply membranes as part of a waterproofing system for concrete, timber and metal flat roof decks. Our products are suitable for new-build and refurbishment projects. They are particularly beneficial for tapered roof insulation schemes and ensuring risks such as ponding, condensation and wind uplift are minimised.


Whether fastened mechanically, or with an adhesive as part of a flat roof application, single-ply membrane waterproofing systems are the advantageous choice, particularly if weight and load is an important consideration. Created from strong and flexible membranes composed predominantly of synthetic polymer, single-ply membranes are sealed at joints to form a continuous waterproof barrier and when combined with insulation and regular support, form complete, durable systems in flat roof applications.


Each of our PIR boards features facing on both sides, the properties and characteristics of which are adapted to a flat roofing application including single-ply membranes. Available in a wide range of thicknesses, the high quality of our PIR insulation boards allow compliance with the latest BREEAM/Code for Sustainable Homes standards and Part L Building Regulation with thinner board sizes.

Our Powerdeck FEurothane EurodeckPlylok boards are all suitable for this application.