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Tapered Roof Insulation Specialists

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Gradient: Specialists in bespoke tapered roof insulation

With 35 years’ industry experience, Gradient is renowned for its tapered flat roof insulation expertise. We provide a turnkey service as part of our bespoke manufacture of tapered roof insulation systems. From the initial consultation and pre-design process, to the installation and post-project stages, our technical teams work alongside clients to ensure the successful implementation of our individually-tailored tapered roof insulation schemes which are produced to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 some of the most widely adopted management standards in the world.

Tapered roof insulation offers the best of both worlds when installed as part of a flat roof’s waterproofing build-up. Its multifunctional design not only enhances a building’s overall thermal performance, it manages a roof’s water run-off to ensure it flows into the appropriate outlets or gutters. If water is not properly dispersed from a roof, its weight will lead to deflections forming and increase the risk of ponding.

Bonded under factory-controlled conditions, Gradient’s single-layer tapered roof insulation schemes are ready to install once delivered to site. The insulation within the single-layer bond will have been monitored for its volume and minimum pull-off performance, leaving installers with the relatively straightforward task of adhering it – in one block – to the roof, followed by the waterproofing. Such precision not only guarantees the insulation will perform as-designed, it significantly reduces application times and material waste.

Quality is built-in with Gradient single-layer tapered roof insulation systems, a benefit that is essential to offsetting specification and installation issues which can be costly and time consuming to correct. Placing the tapered roof insulation process – from start to finish – into the hands of Gradient’s highly-experienced and skilled professionals not only maximises control standards in roof design, manufacture, performance and sustainability, it results in a better-conceived flat roof that is improved in value, performance and complies with all relevant legislative standards.

For more information on how Gradient’s tapered roof insulation expertise can help your building project on a range of applications, click here.