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Flat Roof Insulation Suppliers

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Gradient: Suppliers of high-performance flat roof insulation to suit your next building project

Specifying the correct flat roof insulation solution is crucial to the long-term protection of the building by keeping it warm and dry. When used as part of a waterproofing build-up, quality flat roof insulation helps achieve the chosen level of energy efficiency.

Gradient provides a range of flat roof insulation products which are specifically designed to meet the thermal requirements for an extensive array of warm flat roof applications. Suitable for new-build or refurbishment projects, our flat roof insulation boards are renowned for their resilience and easy-handling ability, leading to a rapid, cost-effective installation for even the most inaccessible roofs.

The range of applications to benefit from our PIR-based flat roof insulation products include single ply waterproofing systems, where either our Powerdeck F or Eurothane Eurodeck insulation board can provide the ideal solution for adhered or mechanically fixed application requirements, achieving a 0.18 W/m2K U-value with a single 130mm or 120mm layer respectively. Powerdeck F can also be used with traditional waterproofing methods – built-up felt and mastic asphalt, and all of our flat roofing products can be used on timber, metal and concrete roof decks. In addition to the above, complementing our range, we also have Powerdeck U which offers a robust and practical solution to torch-on felt applications and Plylok which includes a factory bonded 6mm plywood top layer offering versatility for a range of waterproofing systems.

Additionally, Gradient’s drive for innovation resulted in the development of Deck-VQ®, an ultra-thin vacuum insulation panel (VIP). Whilst there are many vacuum-packed insulation systems on the market, Deck-VQ® is a VIP in a fully-encapsulated PIR protective shell, earning its unique status amongst its peers. This innovation safeguards its superior thermal credentials – it has a lambda value of the core of 0.006 W/mK – to ensure its billing as the ideal insulation panel in flat roof or terraced areas subjected to minimal build-up depths.

In summary, our flat roof insulation products minimise risks, helping achieve appropriate building regulations for a wide range of building projects.

For more information about our flat roof insulation products and a range of suitable applications, download our free brochure.