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Torch-on Felt

Thermal insulation for torch-on bituminous waterproofing systems


Our PIR thermal insulation boards can be used alongside torch-on felt roofing applications across concrete, timber and metal deck roofs.

Torch-on felt waterproofing roof membranes have an underside that has been treated with bitumen. On installation, this covering is heated with a propane gas torch and the membrane is applied to a flat roof surface while the bitumen is still hot. An integral part of this system is the installation of the vapour control layer on the warm side of the flat or tapered roof insulation system. This avoids condensation risks by preventing moist air from within the building from reaching the dew point on the cold side of the insulation.

Available in a wide range of thicknesses, our products are easy to cut, clean and install, helping you to avoid the risks associated with lower quality competitor products and assisting in meeting the appropriate building regulations for your flat roof project, whether new-build or refurbishment.

Our Powerdeck U insulation board is ideal for this application and meeting the Building Regulation required for your project.