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Terms Of Use

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Terms Of Use


Gradient is a trading division of Recticel. You are visiting the website of Recticel NV, registered in Belgium at Olympiadenlaan 2, 1140 Evere, registered under number 0405666668 (further: “Recticel”). By visiting this website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted these terms of use.


Via this website, Recticel informs you about our organisation and the products and services we offer. Recticel reserves the right to modify this website and all of its content at any time without prior notification. Care has been taken to ensure that the content of this web site is as accurate as possible. However, Recticel does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, timeliness or appropriateness for any purpose of the information. This website may contain links to external websites. When you use these links, you leave our website. Even though Recticel itself may have created or authorised the link, this does not imply that Recticel approves the content of the external websites or endorses the third party. Recticel has no control over the contents of the linked websites and is not responsible for them. Recticel does not accept liability for the third party websites, their content or functionalities.

 Intellectual Property

This website and its components (text, logos, brands, trade names, layout, images, photos, videos, graphics and other components appearing on the site) are protected by intellectual property rights. Recticel prohibits you from using, reproducing, displaying, making public, deleting, adapting, etc.,  any of these components, even partially or in a modified form, by any means, without having first obtained the express permission of Recticel in writing.

Data privacy

Please consult our data privacy notice.


Recticel may not be held liable for damage of any kind arising from your use of this website (e.g. computer viruses, corrupted files, loss of programs or other data, indirect damage, profit loss, etc.). Furthermore, Recticel may not be held liable for service interruptions of any kind whatsoever or for any damage arising from these interruptions.

Applicable law

This website is governed by the Laws of Belgium without regard to any conflict of laws provisions. All disputes in relation to this website fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels.