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Built-up Felt

Thermal Insulation for built-up felt waterproofing systems.


Rapid to install, cost-effective and suitable for even the most inaccessible roofs, the lightweight and resilient properties of a built-up felt system mean that it is often the system of choice in terms of flat roof solutions. Using more than one layer of bituminous roofing that is bonded to the previous layer, the built-up roof system is designed to be elastomeric, ensuring that any settlement cracks which may arise will be bridged without compromising the waterproofing as part of a flat roof solution.


Our products further benefit a built-up felt roof system’s durability and long-term performance. Available in a wide range of thicknesses, these products complement all requirements. Powerdeck F insulation board is ideal for a built-up felt roof application and is ideal for a built-up felt roof application and can be designed for a variety of roof build ups. High compressive strength is among the board’s benefits, resulting in insulation that is suitable for loads associated with pedestrian maintenance traffic in built-up felt systems.