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Built-up Felt

Thermal Insulation for built-up felt waterproofing systems.


Quick to install, cost effective and suitable for even the most inaccessible roofs, the lightweight and resilient properties of a built-up felt system mean that it is often the system of choice for flat roofs. Using more than one layer of bituminious roofing felt that is bonded to the previous layer, the system is designed to be elastometric, ensuring that any settlement cracks that may arise will be bridged without compromising the waterproofing.

Our products can benefit the durability and long-life of this system even further, and are available in a wide range of thicknesses to complement all requirements. Just one of the benefits is the board’s high compressive strength, resulting in insulation that is suitable for loads associated with pedestrain maintenance traffic.

Powerdeck F insulation board is ideal for this application, and can meet the Building Regulation 0.2 U-Value requirement with a single 120mm layer.