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Plant Sustainability

We operate a production process that limits as far as possible our CO2 emissions and minimises the volume of waste created. Indeed, one of the major environmental benefits of off-site fabrication is that offcuts can be recycled without ever leaving the factory. We also look for responsible environmental agendas in our suppliers and liaise closely with our customers to formulate appropriate waste management plans for each project.

Sustainability on site

Through careful planning of deliveries and prudent use of materials, we can help you reduce the environmental impact of your project while improving its thermal performance and long-term sustainability:

  • Efficient packaging methods allow us to deliver more insulation boards to site in a single trip, reducing emissions and congestion on the roads.
  • Because boards are set out from roof high points, any square cuts are made at the thinner end, resulting in a lower volume of offcuts.
  • The provision of half boards and the use of infills in roof design further reduces waste.
  • Pre-cut mitered joints make maximum use of available board area and aid accuracy in installation

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