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Online Learning - Specifying Tapered Roof Insulation

The “Specifying Tapered Roof Insulation” online learning module is designed to provide architects and roofing contractors with an understanding of the principles of tapered roof insulation, different system types, and key design issues to consider in relation to its specification.

The presentation aims to cover:

  • What tapered roof insulation is, how it works and why it is required
  • The different types of tapered roof insulation available
  • The customer service benefits offered by Gradient
  • Product innovations
  • Case studies highlighting how tapered roof insulation has benefited a project


The following specialists will be covering the CPD sessions:

  • 2nd and 4th February: Wayne Bullough (Specification Manager)
  • 9th and 11th February: Bill Timpany (Roofing Area Manager)
  • 16th February: Paul Matthews (Roofing Area Manager)
  • 18th February: Jon Parsons (Specification Manager)
  • 23rd February: Jon Parsons (Specification Manager)
  • 25th February: Paul Matthews (Roofing Area Manager)
  • 11th March: Jon Parsons (Specification Manager)

To sign up for your preferred date on Eventbrite, please click here :  Eventbrite CPD details

All presentations will be live on the following Teams link, however we will send an email reminder each morning of the events, as the link will not automatically appear in the Eventbrite diary reminder: Click Here

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