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The phrase, ‘the customer is always right’, is used to remind businesses that no stone should be left unturned to ensure they provide the best possible service. Companies which apply that maxim are far more likely to succeed in business than those with a laissez-faire attitude to consumer needs, because good customer relations beget a good reputation, which in-turn leads to greater custom.

The building products sector is a particularly competitive market. At Gradient we have spent 35 years honing our USP as a supplier of industry-leading flat roof insulation and tapered roofing insulation schemes, along with a first-class turnkey service that guides clients through each stage of a project. From specification to design, through to the installation phase and beyond, our experts are at our customers’ service to ensure they are supplied with a high-performance roof insulation system which meets their precise requirements.

Turnkey support from project start to finish

The level of tapered roof support we’re able to provide has helped us establish an ever-growing and loyal client base, which has led to us being known throughout the flat roof and tapered roof insulation sector as a brand to be trusted to deliver projects to the highest standard regardless of size or complexity. We listen to our customers; whichever direction they want their project to take we will accompany them every step of the way, ensuring the journey to success is as smooth as possible.

When a potential client comes to us with a plan for their new roof or refurbishment project, we advise best practice in terms of how to measure and design a suitable tapered system. If needs be of course, we will take the process out of their hands and visit a site ourselves to carry out the necessary assessments and calculations. In doing so, the customer has total peace of mind that our support will eliminate many of the risks involved with roof design, which if not carried out correctly, can leave a building at the mercy of the elements and all the long-term damage that could cause.

Gradient’s bespoke service takes into account a customer’s budget and results in a tapered insulation scheme that offers the very best value for money. In conjunction with our distributors, we will also arrange product delivery times based on the project site’s size; a service that our contractor clients assure us is very much appreciated, and can be reviewed depending on weather conditions and the project’s overall progress.

Materials to suit a wide range of applications

Having focused on the wide range of services we provide for our clients, let’s look at another one of our USPs: the variety of materials Gradient is able to supply. We have a solution to suit just about any tapered roof application. From mineral wool to PIR, XPS insulation to bitumen-faced systems, our customers’ choice is not limited when it comes to keeping a roof warm and dry. Furthermore, depending on design, we can offer bonded, mechanically-fixed, as well as ballasted and single layer torch-on felt insulation, flat roof insulation board with plywood, and built-up felt roofing systems.

Take care to nurture customer relations

For businesses, nothing should be too much trouble in order to keep the customer satisfied. As for Gradient, our expert design and client service teams’ commitment to excellence is driven by a sense of pride and responsibility. We love what we do, therefore going that extra mile in terms of support comes easily to us. Because it’s our belief that by delivering a first-class service for our clients, we also contribute to upholding the reputation of tapered insulation industry as a whole. We hope other members of the sector are as aware as we are, that customer relations which have taken years to cultivate, can be broken by a moment’s carelessness. It’s a relationship that should be forever nurtured and never taken for granted.